Morgan Development works in harmony with dozens of other contractors who we gladly refer to ensure each project we work on is the very best that it can be. This includes but is not limited to: roofers, woodwork designers, flooring experts, carpeters, interior decorators and suppliers of all types.

General Contractor Matthew Tellam - Tellam Co. 949-753-0201
Architect James Cummings - Cummings & Associates 619-667-0600
Wood Framing Greg Kathol 619-994-9519
Roofing Gilbert Gil 619-671-9690
Concrete Dennis Spicuzza 619-449-1024
Lath & Plaster Joe Luger - Cutting Edge Construction 619-246-1448
Doors & Trim Mark Sherwood 909-461-3552
Carpet & Floor Coverings Gary Hanifan 760-765-1671
Painting Bob Bolt - Lightening Bolt Painting 619-583-7363
Cabinets Earl Andrewson 619-667-3550
Electric Global Prewire 619-749-2665
Plumbing John Montgomery - J.M. Plumbing 909-522-3314

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